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Air shower maintenance have nine points, which one you know?


Strictly speaking, air shower is also belongs to a kind of purification equipment, is usually installed at the entrance ofthe purification workshop,is usually for the wind dust purification of staffs. But we need to be aware of is due to more number of door switch, the high usage rate, in order to ensure the application of air shower equipment, how to maintenance for air shower?

Air shower maintenance have nine points:

1、Regularly using the technical indicators of measuring equipment, if it doesn't meet the technical requirements then should be dealt with in time.

2、According to the actual use, take off the media from pre-filter for cleaning regularly.

3、When the air flow decrease, should first check the filter's surface whether is black, if black then means there are too much dust on the filter, and resistance increase, then should be removed the synthetic fiber from pre-filter for cleaning or replacing.

4、After replacing or cleaning the synthetic fiber, if still can not increase the air flow, then it means HEPA filter is clogged and resistance increase, so should be change the HEPA filter.

5、When replacing HEPA filter, need to remove the powder plate and take out the HEPA filter. And change the same size HEPA filter as the old one. When installation, need to confirm the arrow mark on the filter, which should be point to the direction of the air flow. And to ensure that the seal is good, in order to prevent leakage.

6、After replacing HEPA filter, need to confirm the border have no leakage phenomenon, and use dust particle counter for testing, if can reach technical indicators tehn can be normal work.

7、Regularly maintenance of the circuit, if anything wrong, can refer to electrical schematics for maintenance.

8、Regularly maintenance of door, in order to make the electronic lock and lock pin card be alignment, so as to avoid dead lock pin card.

9、Using temperature should not exceed 50°C,and using of fire is prohibited.

Through the above introduction, I think you have more understand about air shower maintenance. The filtration effect of the air shower directly influences the yield of the product, and KLC reminds you that you must not neglect.

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